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ReSPECT training – St Michael’s Hospice

Reccomended Summary Plan for Emergency Care& Treatment
FREE 2-hour workshops for all Herefordshire Health & Care Staff

Herefordshire is implementing ReSPECT as a system wide approach to ensuring we respond appropriately to an individuals needs and wishes in an emergency situation.
To support the implementation process we are holding a series of free 2 hour workshops for health and care staff to provide knowledge and confidence around the use of ReSPECT.

Workshop content

- What is ReSPECT?
- Who is it for?
- Why are we implementing this?
- ReSPECT Conversations- Who can undertake them? What issues are there?
- Using the ReSPECT Documentation; How it works in emergency situations; What about ACP/DNACPR etc
- Next steps...

Workshop dates detailed below.
Please book ahead so we will be able to inform you in the event of any changes.

Tel: 01432 852638 Email:

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