Part Time Care and Support Assistant VM1

8 hours a week over a Monday and Thursday plus flexibility to cover sickness and holiday. I may need you to accompany me on holiday occasionally, but this will be individually negotiated, and I will cover all expenses.

£8.91 per hour.

Car owner essential.

About me

I am a blind young lady in my 30s. I am looking for a flexible, hardworking, and easy-going personal assistant to help me be independent and fulfil my life. As my personal assistant your job will be to provide sighted assistance, with domestic tasks, to take me to and from leisure activities and to read/file paperwork for me. Plus prepare and cook meals. Animal lover and gardener would be an advantage.

Personal Assistant to Disabled Employer


Salary £8.91 Per Hour.

Location Bobblestock

Hours 8 per week


About Me

I am a totally blind lady, looking to employ someone to support me to fulfil day to day activities and tasks independently. No physical support is needed as I am totally mobile. I just need an extra pair of eyes. You must be friendly, honest, trustworthy, patient, and reliable. You must like dogs.

Job details

You will be required to do the following tasks and may be asked to carry out other tasks of a similar nature. I will inform you which tasks need carrying out on a particular day.

Housekeeping and gardening

  • Making and changing of beds, cleaning of rooms, dusting, laundry and ironing, etc.
  • Helping me to keep my garden looking nice and tending to my flowers.


  • You would be helping me with shopping and other associated tasks, I would need you to carry bags etc

Preparation and cooking of some meals

  • You do not have to be a fantastic cook. You would need to wash up and leave the kitchen clean & tidy afterwards.


  • Driver required, you are required to have your car available for every shift, as I will need you to take me shopping, to leisure and social activities, and take me and my dog to the vet etc.

Hobbies and social activities

  • Supporting me to continue doing what I enjoy. Obtaining drinks, refreshments, and taking notes etc and with agreement coming with me on occasional visits to friends, family and on holidays (I will meet all agreed expenses).

Other small jobs

  • I will need your assistance with any other jobs that will help me remain independent e.g. helping to read and file papers and letters, as well as completing forms. Administration and financial experience would be a plus.

About You

You will need basic maths and literacy knowledge, basic IT skills will also be an advantage. Previous experience of similar work is desirable but not essential, as I will make sure you get the training you need.

You will have both basic cookery and gardening skills and be willing to attend any training needed e.g. first aid, manual handling etc.

You must be able to understand the importance of confidentiality, be patient, calm, be a good communicator and have a good sense of humour.

A good attitude to independence is important to understand a disabled person and their choices

Team work is important as well as being able to work on your own initiative, and have some flexibility to allow for holiday or sickness cover.

You will need to be a car driver/owner and be physically fit enough to undertake any manual handling needed.

About Direct Payments

Direct payments are available from Local Authorities for people who have a care and support plan in place following a social care assessment. An amount of money is allocated to purchase the assistance and care needed to live independently.

I should stress that I will be your employer and have full responsibility for recruitment, contracts, supervision, pay, training etc. A support service assists me in meeting my responsibilities as an employer.

Salary: This is a flat rate of pay that takes account of unsociable hours and weekend working.

Hours: These are the minimally contracted hours. If I require additional support at other times I will try to give as much notice as possible, an ability to be flexible would be an advantage

July – Sports Focus

July – we’re a quarter of the way through our challenge

As we move into our 4th month of the SIL 25k it seems that July is a key month for sport.


The Euros are in full swing with the quarter finals kicking off tomorrow Friday 2nd July and to the delight of England fans we are part of this stage having fought off Germany.

I’m not about to turn football pundit, we’ve got the sports channels for that but did you know that during a football match they travel about 6 -10miles so if you are a keen footballer check out your miles during a match and let us count them towards our challenge totaliser.

Even if you don’t cover as much ground as a professional footballer research suggests not only are you fitter if you take part in team sports (people who exercise in groups do nearly twice as much activity as those who exercise alone), but it’s better for emotional health, too.  A report shows that being part of a team is beneficial to your working life, helping with goal-setting, focus and grit. It also boosts your motivation, makes you happier, improves feelings of social-connectedness and peer-bonding – which all help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.


The Tour de France 2021 has also started and participants will continue to contest the wearer of the famous yellow jersey until 18th July.

Cycling is a great sport option because it is low impact – it causes less strain and injuries than most other forms of exercise.  Cycling uses all of the major muscle groups as you pedal and it is good for strength, stamina and aerobic fitness which all help towards your overall physical health.

The greatest benefit for the SIL challenge is that you can rack up lots more miles per hour compared to running or walking.  Our CEO Euan, a keen cyclist, has been totting up his miles on the bike and recently cycled 100 miles in one day.  WOW!


The Tennis Championships at Wimbledon have also kicked off, which sees the worlds best tennis players come together to fight for the titles at probably the most famous tennis competition in the world.

In 2020, Fitbit reported that according to their user data, an hour of singles tennis generates around, on average, 10,680 steps, while an hour of doubles tennis generates 7,980 steps. That’s an equivalent of about 4 to 5 miles of running and 3 to 4 miles respectively depending on your stride length.

Whilst tennis is more high impact all the same physical and mental health benefits are true of tennis as well and you’ll tot up the miles without having to travel great distances or even realising.

and lots more

And last but not least the Olympics start! Another event that had be delayed due to Covid will commence on Friday 23rd July. With so many different sports involved, including skateboarding for the first time ever, it’s hard not to be inspired.

So whilst sporting professionals and olympiads take their sports to the extreme we hope you manage to get out and do a little too.  With proven physical and mental health benefits you really will feel better for it – the hardest bit is getting started.

Make it count!

We can’t offer world titles, gleaming trophies or gold and silver medals but we would really like it if you would join us as we take on our own challenge – the SIL 25k.   Join us in trying to achieve 25,000 miles between 1st April 2021 and 31st March 2022 as we celebrate our 25th year of delivering care and support in Herefordshire. We would welcome anyone who is a SIL supporter, Staff, Trustees, people we support, family and friends to take part.

You don’t need an app, you don’t need to run or be a professional – just let us know how many miles (no proof required)  you do each month by emailing

For more information on why exercise is so good for you and how you might join in even if you don’t do miles read all about it in The Warm Up

and if you could send a little donation to to help us raise money for Megan Baker House, our Charity of the Year.  If you would like to know why we are supporting Megan Baker House read more here