SIL 25K Challenge – Fitness For All

Although SIL’s 25k mileage challenge is a way to mark our silver anniversary, it is also to try and encourage all our staff, service users and support workers to think about the health and wellbeing benefits of sport, while raising money for Megan Baker House.

Covering miles may not be easy but we know some of our service users have raised huge amounts for charities by covering the distance in their motorised wheelchairs, getting outside, with the benefits that brings, and raising money whatever the weather!

For a wider look at disability, sport and wellbeing visit:

Herefordshire has a range of activities for disabled people and for different ages. So, if you think wheelchair dancing might be an idea, or you’re more into the physical impact sports of wheelchair rugby there are clubs in the county. The opportunities to join new activities and meet new people while getting fit, are beginning to open up again, but in the meantime there are a number of on-line inclusive classes.

To find out more about local organisations the following two sites have lots of useful information:

The good news is that technology is catching up with wheelchair users and sport. Apple has an app that works with their watch specifically for manual wheelchair users. The app tracks miles and measures calories burned, while doing all the other things we now expect from a fitness app. Fitbit, Garmin and Xiaomi are cheaper options, and while they can monitor the usual “fitbit” stats, movement in a manual wheelchair is measured as “steps taken”, so they are not yet as advanced as Apple.

For more information about fitness apps visit:

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