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I feel that becoming a trustee of a vibrant organisation like SIL has provided me with a role where I can use the professional skills I have gained throughout my life, plus my first hand experience of living with a disability, to assist with the strategic steering of the organisation.

My Trustee role has been both interesting and meaningful. SIL has dynamic leadership; a dedicated work force and a vision of making life more independent for those who face more obstacles in life. I would challenge anyone to take up the role of Trustee and really help make a difference to people’s lives.

My volunteering at SIL has improved my confidence, given me fulfillment in knowing that I am helping other people and has also provided me with a greater awareness of charitable organisations and  Direct Payment and Home Care Services.

I would urge anyone who is thinking of volunteering to try it out. The experience helps to enhance your CV, is very rewarding, confidence -boosting and allows you to develop new skills and make use of the ones you already have.

I decided to start volunteering mainly to get the experience I would need for the job roles I wanted to pursue and also to learn new skills. I am sure that I will never forget my time at SIL and how it helped me to prepare for my future.

SIL not only gave me the experience to build up my CV, but also offered me paid work for 3 months whilst they recruited for a full time member of staff. Now, I have managed to get a full time administration and accounts job, which is great.

I really enjoyed my time volunteering at SIL, everyone was really friendly and provided me with a lot of support during my time with them.


Photos by Barry Tweed-Rycroft