Employer of Choice

Here at SIL we have a passion for care and improving the quality of life for elderly and disabled people; and to do that we need great people!  

You will be aware that there is a great deal of discussion about social care recruitment, retention and pay rates in the national media at the moment, and we have taken the decision to try and do something about it.

We recognise that our greatest resource is our employees.

There are national and local initiatives to help encourage people to work in the sector being announced by the government but at SIL we’ve already started and our aim is to continue as an employer of choice in this sector locally. 

We have worked hard to improve the working environment for staff. This has included offering paid sick leave, enhanced maternity pay and free staff training opportunities well above the requirements of the Care Certificate. In line with this ongoing investment in our staff, the decision to significantly increase salaries was the next logical step.  This step has been taken to acknowledge the hard work of staff across the organisation and to help us increase recruitment so that we can grow further and provide care for more people who need it.

With the 10% increase, SIL becomes one of the market leaders for pay in Herefordshire’s social care sector and hopes that by increasing salaries well above the forthcoming increases in April to the national living wage, that we will attract new people into a rewarding and interesting career.  

Employees can expect not only a good hourly rate, but receive first class training and perks, while working in an organisation that values its staff and provides excellent terms and conditions.  We want to be an employer of choice to demonstrate we value the people who we employe and what they do. 

We will continue to ensure SIL is an employer of choice in this sector and make the best possible working conditions for our staff.

To see our full list of benefits go to: what we can offer you

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