Financial Security

So, why do we think SIL is the #EmployerOfChoice?

We want to professionalise care work by offering financial security along with a career path

As well as offering a great salary, one of the best locally and ahead of national increases, what we offer goes beyond that. Financial security isn’t just about your salary or hourly rate, it is about being able to afford to have time off when you need it and that is why we have introduced new enhanced maternity, paternity and adoption policies and enhanced sick pay. This reflects the policies of other more corporate professions and until now has rarely been offered in the care sector due to the lack of funding.

We listened to our colleagues when they worried about taking time off, and when they rushed back to work when still not fully fit. We listened to those that pointed out that care work is undervalued. SIL values its staff. SIL is a financially sound business and as a not-for-profit organisation we reinvest profits to improve services and conditions for both our service users and colleagues.

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