Quiet Hour at Old Market Hereford

Did you know that Hereford Old Market have introduced a quiet hour?  They say “We are committed to creating a welcoming environment for all of our customers and following on from our participation in National Autism Hour and having our staff complete Autism Awareness we have worked with our retailers to create a permanent Quiet hour.”

From Sunday 18th August Old Market will launch a permanent Quiet Hour every Sunday. They have spoken to their retailers who open between 10.30am and 11am YOu can find their commitments to your quiet hour at https://www.oldmarkethereford.co.uk/news-events/quiet-hour-old-market.

“We understand shopping can be overwhelming for our customers with sensory overload and want to create an understanding environment that’s enjoyable for all. We have now produced our own Sensory Packs which are available to borrow for those who feel overwhelmed when shopping. These packs are for both adults and children and include; ear defenders, caps, fidget toys, shopping checklists and flashcards with key information and visuals of Old Market.”

To book your pack please call the Customer service team 01432 264109 or email info@oldmarkethereford.co.uk.

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