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Additional costs of being an employer

The support team will support you as an employer and give you the right advice to keep safe when recruiting your own staff. You may choose from a variety of places to advertise at different rates. In order to do this the support team will support you to recruit and carry out checks on new staff members. Disclosure and Barring Service checks can be done at an additional cost within your budget.

  • The support team can advise you on employers liability insurance which you will need to purchase, to ensure your staff are safe in the workplace
  • Your personal assistants will require training; the support team can help you source this. It is advisable to plan an annual amount into your budget for this
  • The table below will give you an idea of the annual additional costs you will require in your budget as an employer
  • These are approximate costs based on an average employer
Recruitment Cost, advert & venue£150.00
Employers Liability Insurance Up to £135.00 depending on level of cover
PA Training Budget (approx.)£150.00 (more may be required with extra staff)
DBS checking£62.00