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Bookkeeping and Managed Account Service

The Payroll and Financial Administration team have years of experience and can offer a fast, accurate and reliable service which will take the pressure off individuals.

The Financial Administration Service (FAS) can support individuals  to complete their  financial monitoring accounts which are required by the Local Authority Finance monitoring team.

There are two ways of providing the service to suit the individual needs of the service user:

  • Own account:  Service Users hold the funding in their own separate bank account. The service will complete accounts from monthly bank statements, cheque, remittance advice for your direct payment / Personal Budget and any payments or receipts which relate to your direct payment. These items are provided by the Service User each month.
  • Managed account: SIL can hold the funding on your behalf, paying all invoices relating to your direct payment/personal health budget. We will submit the monitored accounts to the appointed finance monitoring officer (FMO) within the local authority. This offers an opportunity for those not wishing to hold the DP funds to still have the benefit of a direct payment/personal health budget.

Benefits of our Financial Administration Service

  • A free initial meeting to discuss your requirements
  • Confidentiality and discretion
  • Friendly and helpful team
  • Flexible and adaptable approach
  • Completion and reconciliation of income and expenditure forms
  • Competitive charges
  • Follow up meetings as and when required to be tailored to individual needs

The benefits of using the FAS is the high level of support offered to individuals to develop their knowledge and confidence in the use of their Direct Payments.

Where appropriate we can adapt this service to ensure that you gain as much or as little support that you require in order to achieve your independence.

Service users are given legal and appropriate advice in line with the Department of Health (DOH) DP guidance and the Local Authority’s policies and procedures.

By supporting service users we are able to help them liaise with social workers and financial monitoring officers in the local authority and discuss their concerns or queries. We can support individuals to learn how to manage their own account and move away from using the service with an agreed plan.

Managed accounts/How do I sign up to the service?

An advisor will visit you in your home and go through the sign up process with you and complete the following forms:

  • Referral Form
  • DPSS Agreement (indicating that you wish to use the FAS service)
  • DPF2 or DPF9 (depending on whether transfer of direct payment or new set up), giving authorisation to pay your Direct Payment fund into our client bank account.

We will give appropriate advice in line with Direct Payment guidance and the Local Authority’s policies and procedures.

We are able to help you liaise with social workers and financial monitoring officers in the local authority to discuss any concerns or queries.

What do I do if I hold my own funds ….

Your Accounts may be due every quarter/ 6 monthly or annually depending on the local authority's requirements.

You should provide the service with any information necessary to complete the income and expenditure sheets; this may differ depending on your Local Authority requirements. We will need the following:

  • Details of cheques written
  • Bank statements, showing where necessary personal contribution and incoming funds from the Local Authority.
  • Any invoices or receipts relating to your direct payment (If SIL process your payroll, we do not need copies of timesheets or payslips)
  • Employee travel expense sheets
  • Receipts for any purchases or entrance fees related to your Direct Payment
  • Direct Payment  Remittance Advice

What will the bookkeeping service do when I hold my own account …

At the start of the handover we will work with you to look at previous monitored accounts. In order to understand your Direct Payment we will ask you for a copy of your support plan and any financial assessment for your personal contribution.

By having access to your support plan we can advise you (on request) what funds you have available in certain areas and give you support to help you budget your funds.

On receipt of the required documentation, we will complete and reconcile the income and expenditure forms to the bank statement for submission to the Direct Payment Monitoring Officer (DPMO) at your Local Authority.