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Pension Adminstration Service

The Pension Administration Service (PAS) is available to anyone who purchases our Payroll Services. The new legislation which makes it a duty for all employers, however small, to offer their employees a pension where applicable has caused a lot of confusion to many employers.

The PAS offers two levels of support depending on your individual circumstances. In each case you can be assured of the very best service from our Payroll Team who will be working on your behalf and at the end of a telephone to answer your queries.

Level one

You will be slotted into this level if you are identified as having no employees eligible for joining a pension scheme, or if any that are eligible choose to opt out. However, should an employee become eligible for enrolment to a pension scheme, or wish to join one, or you employ someone new who falls into this category, you will automatically be moved into Level Two and the additional charges will apply from the date of transfer.

Level two

You will be slotted into this level if you are identified as having employees eligible for joining a pension scheme and who wish to take part.

  • Provision of an information pack from SIL, which will include information from the three most popular pension providers for small employers;
  • Provision of prescribed notice letters to be used to advise your employees about their eligibility and whether they want to opt in to a scheme;
  • Completion of the Declaration of Compliance and lodging with the Pension Regulator;
  • Set up with the pension provider of your choice;
  • Liaising with the Pension Regulator on all matters; and
  • Ensuring pension contributions are correctly calculated and deducted at source

To find out more about auto-enrolment or the pension administration service please contact the payroll department on 01568 616653 or

Please note we are unable to give advice as we are not financially regulated to do so, but we can signpost you towards a number of options and then support you with managing your employee pensions, including liaising with HMRC on your behalf, once you have chosen a provider.

For a full list of all our payroll, bookkeeping, DPSS and Pension Administration Service charges, click download link below.