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Success Stories

  • Supporting Happiness

    LM has been a service user with SIL for over 12 years and in her SIL Support Plan she had written under Hopes/Dreams/Aspirations: “To get married and live happily ever after”. This came true for LM on a lovely sunny day at Lugwardine Chapel with a reception at The Herdsman in Hereford. The couple met […]

  • Supporting Creativity

    CD had studied at art college, but after a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis she put that at the back of her mind as daily life became more challenging. As CD’s condition progressed, different issues presented in different parts of her body and being right handed she was particularly bothered by difficulties she had in that […]

  • Supporting Ambition

    SH came to SIL several years ago after finding managing her own PAs time consuming and frustrating. She is a wheelchair user who is also partially sighted but also determined to lead a full and active life and SIL has supported her to do the things she has wanted to do. One of the first […]

  • Supporting Innovation

    Working innovatively and embracing new technology is of SIL’s Guiding Principles and we do this by working in partnership with service users to ensure the changes we make are of benefit to them and not just to the organisation. One of our clients, LM, is working with her team on a pilot project to test […]

  • Supporting Determination

    When IB first joined SIL he was very quiet and introvert, finding it difficult to communicate on any level. However, he has gradually gained more confidence and become an active attendee at SIL’s events. He has joined other clubs too and is taking a pride in his achievements. When he told his team leader he […]

  • Supporting Achievement

    DH is not someone who is limited by his disabilities! He is a dynamic young man in his forties who has been supported by SIL for over eight years. Helping to manage the family farm DH is very involved in the local community, growing his own veggies and regularly winning prizes in competitions for best […]

  • Care in the home

    What Social Health Care Professionals are saying about Independent Living at Home

    SIL can offer an alternative perspective to support for older people which can make a real difference.