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What Social Health Care Professionals are saying about Independent Living at Home

SIL can offer an alternative perspective to support for older people which can make a real difference.

Rather than traditional task-focused care package model, SIL provide a flexible, outcome-focused support service which can make a huge difference to an individual’s day-to-day life. Here is some feedback from a Social Worker who works on an older person’s team:

I can say that my experience of working with SIL’s home care support service, Independent Living @ Home (IL@H), has been very positive in delivering flexible person-centred support where traditional packages fail to meet the individual’s needs. In a number of cases, it has been the difference between a person remaining in their own home or moving into long-term care.

One example involved arranging two extended blocks of support during the course of a day for an older lady with dementia (who was on the cusp of long-term care) where a traditional care package was no longer able to meet her needs. She lived alone with no support network, had become increasingly unsettled, anxious and lonely during the day and her response to this was creating significant risks for her.  The Social Work team knew, from previous experience, that she had not responded at all well to a short residential care break and desperately wanted to return home. We also knew that she was unwilling to consider full-time support at home and that she would have reacted negatively to this.

Sensitive and person centred care planning with the lady and IL@H enabled a small team of IL@H support workers to work with her, from getting up in the morning through to post-lunch and then from teatime through to bed time.  Good relationships were then developed with the regular support workers.  Collectively, we were then able to research additional practical and social support through the day, with reduced anxiety, loneliness and risks which had previously been a problem due to the fact that the lady had been spending long periods at home alone.

I believe the alternative of long-term care would have had a serious adverse impact on this lady’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

What I most appreciated from SIL was the willingness to take a flexible and creative approach to support older service users and, just as importantly, a supportive and collaborative approach to working with social health care workers.

Feedback from Pete, Social Worker at DMHOP (Department of Mental Health for Older People)