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Supporting Achievement

DH is not someone who is limited by his disabilities! He is a dynamic young man in his forties who has been supported by SIL for over eight years. Helping to manage the family farm DH is very involved in the local community, growing his own veggies and regularly winning prizes in competitions for best in show.

Since joining the SIL family DH has become increasingly involved in supporting the organisation. He organised a fete last year to raise money for the charity and is actively involved in the events SIL hosts throughout the year.

DH has recently been co-opted onto the Board of trustees and is a committed member of SIL’s Peer Group, helping to steer the Agenda and empowering others less able to discuss issues which affect SIL and its service users.

Although DH has mobility and communication difficulties SIL has worked with him to ensure he can be an active part of the community and lead the life he chooses. Whether it’s growing prize winning potatoes, or leading a group discussion SIL is with DH every step of the way.

SIL is a user-led organisation whose staff support clients to be as active in their communities as they want to be.