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Supporting Ambition

SH came to SIL several years ago after finding managing her own PAs time consuming and frustrating.

She is a wheelchair user who is also partially sighted but also determined to lead a full and active life and SIL has supported her to do the things she has wanted to do.

One of the first things SH noticed about SIL was that no one told her “No, you can’t”; in fact she was amazed to find that SIL’s response is very much “yes, you can”.

SH wanted to get out of the house and find some work and with SIL’s support she secured a volunteer role with the British Heart Foundation, working in their shop three days a week. After twelve months SH was nominated Volunteer of the Year thanks to her success in selling over 300 badges!

Not content with supporting the BHF, SH adopted a cat, Custard, from the Sapphire Trust and to say thank you she ran a table sale to raise funds for the charity.

However, SH wanted to thank SIL for supporting her ambitions. She has now set up a small baking business and sells cakes and pies, donating all proceeds to SIL.

SIL believes that “Yes – You Can” is far more effective than “No, You Can’t”