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Supporting Creativity

CD had studied at art college, but after a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis she put that at the back of her mind as daily life became more challenging.

As CD’s condition progressed, different issues presented in different parts of her body and being right handed she was particularly bothered by difficulties she had in that hand.

One of SIL’s support workers could see how frustrated she was becoming and supported CD to write with her left hand, but holding a pen and keeping it in the hand was the main issue. Ready-made writing aids did not work, so after a little time and thought, Sellotape was found to be the answer.

CD’s support worker would patiently lash her hand to the pen with reams of tape and CD started to learn to write with her left hand by doing sudoku quizzes in the newspaper. One day she was writing a number four and realised it looked slightly like a bird. She began to scribble and doodle, drawing very basic birds with just a few lines, funny little pictures which she named 'Crazy Birds'.

Over time she has developed her drawings quite dramatically. They are not very big drawings but they are very, very detailed. They can take a lot of time to create but CD finds it very enjoyable and relaxing to do and the sense of achievement is magical.

Fortunately, through trial, time and patience CD still has a skill and is grateful for all of the support she received from her support workers, which helped her reconnect with her art.


Whatever challenges a service user may face, SIL’s staff are committed to supporting the individual to find a solution.