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Supporting Determination

When IB first joined SIL he was very quiet and introvert, finding it difficult to communicate on any level. However, he has gradually gained more confidence and become an active attendee at SIL’s events. He has joined other clubs too and is taking a pride in his achievements.

When he told his team leader he wanted to put on his own music and magic show it was quite a surprise, but IB was determined this was something he could achieve and really wanted to do.

His support team worked with him and together produced a programme of music, dance and magic which would be performed at the Kindle Centre in Hereford. From creating the promotional posters; helping organise the raffle and buffet and actually performing, IB saw the event through from start to finish. His Team Leader introduced IB and he walked on stage in an Elvis Presley costume opening the event with two songs, before moving on to play the keyboard and drums – improvised from a cardboard box!

After the interval buffet and draw, he was back on stage with his magic tricks, before thanking people for attending and drawing to a close an enjoyable couple of hours. He sold tickets at £1 a head and raised an amazing £102 for the Hospice.


If a client is determined to achieve something SIL will do whatever it can to support them to reach their goal.