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Supporting Happiness

LM has been a service user with SIL for over 12 years and in her SIL Support Plan she had written under Hopes/Dreams/Aspirations: “To get married and live happily ever after”.

This came true for LM on a lovely sunny day at Lugwardine Chapel with a reception at The Herdsman in Hereford. The couple met in 2010 on a dating website for disabled people and after several months one of SIL’s support workers drove LM to meet D. He’d come all the way from Norfolk so for several years he visited LM regularly until moving in with her in 2015. Her Team Leader collected D and his belongings and helped him move in.

LM no longer required sleep-in carers and D took over all of her personal care needs at night time. However, SIL continue to support LM during the week and her team gave up their own time to help with the wedding itself. One did the make-up and pushed the wheelchair down the aisle; another made the buttonholes and LM’s headdress; while two support workers decorated the room at The Herdsman with balloons and bunting.

SIL’s staff will always do whatever they can to ensure a client is as happy, secure and content as they can possibly be.