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Supporting Innovation

Working innovatively and embracing new technology is of SIL’s Guiding Principles and we do this by working in partnership with service users to ensure the changes we make are of benefit to them and not just to the organisation.

One of our clients, LM, is working with her team on a pilot project to test assistive technology (A.T) as a way to submit the End of Month folders, an essential part of ensuring a safe service is delivered to our clients.

The project has involved researching the appropriate technology, compatibility, the best tablets available to do the work and online file sharing facility, Dropbox. LM has been testing the system at each point as well as being supported to undertake the research and investigate the outcomes of the pilot.

If adopted across SIL, it means that all service user’s paperwork, daily activity sheets, medication sheets, car servicing details etc can be uploaded automatically and submitted straight to SIL’s hard drive folders.

This means that there would be no need for hard copy files which will save hours of archiving for SIL and more importantly, ensure all client details are always up to date while removing the risk of important data going astray.


We actively support clients to use their skills to work with us to improve delivery of our services.