About Us

Our range of services and experience means that we can tailor how we support you; meeting your needs however small or however significant they are. From providing care in the home, to supporting you in social activities or education, managing your own PA and finances, to providing training; we’ve got it all covered.

SIL was formed in 1996 when a group of disabled people started campaigning for a pilot Direct Payment scheme in Herefordshire. Two years later SIL started providing Direct Payment Support Services and in 2004 we added our Supported Living service.

SIL continues to be led by the people that need us; around half of our Trustees are service users or family carers. We think this makes us who we are; a charity which is committed to helping people to live as independently as possible. Helping them live confidently within their own homes and making their own choices over how they want to live their lives. Their knowledge and experiences help to inform our decisions and drive us as an organisation. Our focus is on people not profits.

SIL’S Vision 

To enable older people and people affected by disabilities to exercise choice and control, to live independent lives, and to actively participate in society.

SIL’S Mission Statement  

The provider of choice for individual care and support, empowering people to lead an independent life.

We work in partnership with Local Authorities, the Health Service and other voluntary and local organisations and individuals to improve the lives of disabled and older people and their family carers, and to facilitate their participation in and integration into society.

SIL has a set of guiding principles, our PRIDES, to which we base the way we work.

Neither Old Age nor Disability defines you; we want to work with you to help you lead the life you choose

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