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Services for Independent Living

SIL is a service user and family carer controlled charitable company. A minimum of 51% of the Board of Trustees are disabled people or a family carer.

SIL provides services that enable disabled and older people to live independent lives in their own homes within their own community. We support people with learning difficulties, physical impairments, mental health issues including dementia, older people and family carers.

SiL building, Leominster

We work in partnership with Local Authorities, the Health Service and other voluntary and local organisations and individuals in a common effort to improve the lives of disabled and older people and their family carers, and to facilitate their participation in and full integration into society.

SIL Vision

To enable people affected by disabilities to exercise choice and control, to live independent lives, and to actively participate in society.

SIL Mission Statement

The provider of choice for individual care and support, empowering people to lead an independent life.

SIL Guiding Principles

SIL is a values–led organisation working within the guiding principles of:

  • Partnership - working with individuals, groups and organisations to share knowledge and improve outcomes for disabled people.
  • Respect - for all.
  • Innovation - adapting efficiently and effectively to change and embracing new technology.
  • Diversity - to be accepting of all people, both within and outside SIL.
  • Equality - for all.
  • Strength-based - maximising ability and not being constrained by disability.

Future plans

We are actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with other organisations for the benefit of disabled / older people and family carers.   We have been able to achieve more together for service users by offering complementary activities, extending our reach, and being more efficient.

Due to high demand for our services, our aim is to increase the number of people in Herefordshire to whom we deliver Home Support and also those in Herefordshire who need our support to manage their Direct Payment.  Another primary aims is to increase our use of technology to increase efficiency, increase independence and reduce cost.


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