Shelagh Callaghan, Head of Marketing

shelagh headshot

Communication, Compliance and Confidentiality (GDPR)

I have worked in PR, Marketing and Communications for over twenty years, in the private, public and third sectors.  During this time I have seen the very best and some of the very worst practices, but the one thing I have learned is that communication is the key to any successful outcome. Communication is based on respect, equality and a keen desire to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone concerned. Whether it’s to advise people of changes that will affect their job, or to reassure someone that they are in safe hands, good communication is the key to success.

Working with SIL has taught me about the significance of non-verbal communication and of ensuring the method of communication, in any form, is adapted to suit each individual, rather than working with the one-size-fits-all model. 

I have certificates in managing media, marketing and training as well as formal management qualifications. 

We all “do” communications everyday, so why not make sure we do it as effectively as possible.” 

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