SIL Social Value

Social Value can be defined as the positive impact on communities, the local economy, and the environment, that organisations create when buying goods & services, delivering services to customers, and supporting their wider network of stakeholders.

The SIL Social Value Strategy was launched in February 2023 based on the national TOMs framework. Our Social Value is now assessed across twenty measures, clustered within five themes:

•          Jobs – Promote Local Skills and Employment

•          Growth – Supporting Responsible Regional Growth

•          Healthier, Safer, and more Resilient Communities

•          Decarbonising and Safeguarding our World

•          Promoting Social Innovation

SIL undertakes an annual, evidence-based audit to review the impact of the measures. This helps both the SIL leadership team, and external organisations understand how SIL adds value and goes ‘above and beyond’ in the delivery of services.

SIL Social Value Annual Report 2022-23

Read the full report HERE

SiL Social Values
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