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Sharing events, news, articles and items of interest from other businesses that share our vision “To enable people affected by disabilities to exercise choice and control, to live independent lives and to actively participate in society”.

This area of our website focuses on where you can meet peers, make new friends, get support, join groups, get more information about disabilities, gain awareness or see all the work that goes on in the greater community.

If you are looking for more frequent support or regular groups check out the meeting places and support listings from the menu on the left.

1 March 2024
Ending Loneliness works to provide a safe space for primarily older people who do not have the opportunity to talk or socialise with others, whether inside or outside of their home. For more details please click the header 
25 January 2024
Find out more about energy saving home improvements. Download PDF of the above Image
25 January 2024
Pop along to the Living Well Roadshows and see AGE UK for a coffee chat and access to information PDF Download of the above image
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