Our Services

Providing care and support in Herefordshire

SIL’s focus is on meeting the needs of disabled and older people who need support to live in their own home and be part of the wider community.

The services we offer are available to people of all ages and all impairments. For example older people, parents of disabled children, people with mental health needs and people with physical impairments or learning difficulties. Our strength is in creating carefully structured services with people to meet their individual needs.

Our care at home service has two elements that means we can provide specialised care for a wider variety of requirements without losing any of the expertise. Our Homecare and Independent Living at Home services provide everything from 30 minute companionship and welfare visits to 24/7 care.

The Direct Payment Service has been developed since our inception to offer advice and support with book keeping, payroll, pension administration and employment advice for your ongoing health and social care.

You can follow the links to each of our key services where you’ll find information and videos that will help you to get a better feel for what we do.

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