Career and Property Ladders Scaled Thanks to Apprenticeship!

Success in his AAT level 2 exam has given Tobi Watts a leg-up on the career ladder at Services for Independent Living (SIL).

Tobi joined the Finance Team at SIL in June 2021 after choosing an apprenticeship in accountancy. His initial role was the finance apprentice/assistant while he studied for his AAT level 2 at Herefordshire and Worcestershire Group Training.

SIL was so impressed with Tobi’s attitude to work, his commitment to his studies and his understanding of the work involved, that after qualifying, he was promoted to Trainee Finance Officer. Tobi is now studying for his AAT level 3.

Tobi said: “The qualification will take between 12 to 18 months to achieve and once I have completed it, I am keen to enrol in the AAT level 4 course which is deemed as a professional diploma.

“I enjoy working at SIL because of the healthy work environment and because they have supported me throughout my studies. I believe an apprenticeship was definitely the right way forward for me because not only have I gained the skills and knowledge relevant to my qualification, but also because the “earn while you learn” perk has enabled me to get onto the property ladder a lot sooner than I would have been able to do if I gone down a different path”.

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