Our Annual Awards Winners

At our AGM in October each year we also hold our prestigious Care Awards presentation.  These awards, nominations for which are from our Service Users and Team Leaders, are presented to members of our team to recognise the fabulous work they do.

First up is the Judy Phillips Memorial Award, awarded to the Support Worker of the Year and nominated by Team Leaders

Nominations are made for the person who shows positive regard for all; commitment & flexibility; accepting and supporting differences; warmth, humour & sensitivity; ability to listen and let the service user lead and a willingness to go the extra mile…

And the winner is …… Everyone

Team Leaders felt that Everyone deserved to be recognised this year.  Covid-19 has had a phenomenal effect on the world and the bravery, respect, compassion and diligence displayed by all our Support Workers in the face of the pandemic was applaudable.  Each of them ensured our Service Users were safe, protected and happy.  They stepped up to the title of key worker and kept going out day on day when the rest of us were told to stay at home.

Well done and thank you to all SIL’s support workers

Secondly is the winner of the Ian Jones Award, this is also to recognise the Support Worker of the Year but is nominated by Service Users.

This award is given for enabling services users to achieve personal objectives by encouraging and motivating others; increasing service user confidence and working in partnership with others…

And the winner is….Elaine Parry.  Our runner up is Anna Johnstone.

SU Lindsey nominated Elaine Parry and wrote “she makes me feel like I can achieve anything do with my loom knitting and any other hobbies I find to do. Elaine rings around the energy suppliers to get the best deals. She helped me to get the right glasses for me and also explained to the technical advisor regarding my last pair of glasses…”

Fantastic Elaine; congratulations to you and Anna.

Anna was extremely supportive in helping SU June to get a new dog.  She was “kind and sensitive when the time came to get a new puppy as she knew the puppy would be replacing my long-term companions Emma and Kirsty… she was also very patient in helping the puppy settle in.”

Up next is in our Awards success series is the Independent Living at Home Team of the Year Award– nominated by Service Users.

The Team of the year award is given to the team which demonstrates these principles: working well together; support each other; good sense of humour; share tasks; talk through issues; accepting and supporting differences and a willingness to go the extra mile…

And the winner is … Sheila’s Team. Our runner up David’s Team.

Sheila said “I just want to say a great big thank you to my Team for all their help in moving house to a new town at a difficult time. They helped me to collect furniture and bits for my new flat in their own time. They worked with the Housing Team, Social Worker and OTs to get things sorted. On moving day they shifted my things from Hereford to Leominster. Thanks to Donna, Marilyn, Lisa, Naomi and Chels for supporting me through a difficult time.”

Well done team – absolutely worthy winners.

But we mustn’t ignore our fantastic runners up – David’s team, who he says “are always happy and kind, they work well using their different skills” and have been helping him a lot through the night with his bad leg.

We have two more award winners to announce, so our penultimate offering is the Adam Cove, Team Leader of the Year Award nominated by Service Users.

This award is given for the Team Leader who has: outstanding vision; dedication and commitment to excellence…

And the winner is Donna Tranter.  Our runner up is Katie Loughran.

Donna was nominated by P who not only compliments Donna on her happy and positive persona but also her communication skills and solution focus.  Donna was also nominated by Sheila as the driving force behind her house move and personal support.

Huge congratulations Donna.  What a star Team Leader.

Katie’s nominations came from June and David; they said “she is a very good listener and is quick to follow up actions, she makes light of tricky situations, is very approachable and I feel comfortable to contact her anytime” and “she listens and communicates with my team, she understands the different skills each SW give to the team and she works well with everyone”.

Well done Katie, looks like you are excelling in this new role!

And last but not least is our new award, Homecare Support Worker of the Year nominated by Service Users.  The Homecare Team joined us just over a year ago and have been an excellent addition to the team allowing SIL to offer a bigger range of care services.  We are now able to offer care at home across Herefordshire from 30mins to 24 hour, 7 days a week care.

We received 6 nominations (25% of the team) for this award which is presented to the support worker who shows positive regard for all; commitment & flexibility; accepting and supporting differences; warmth, humour & sensitivity; ability to listen and let the service user lead and a willingness to go the extra mile…

These are just a few snippets from the comments received in the nominations

“I admire their care, commitment, and cheerfulness”, “Helped me to regain my confidence” and  “She supports and encourages me both physically and mentally and my life is enriched by her care and friendship”

And the winner is… Chloe Howells.  Our runner up is Rebecca Guerin.

Hooray and three cheers ladies.  Congratulations!

That completes our awards round up from our internal awards, thanks for joining us and we hope you’ve enjoyed our series. It hasn’t been just about blowing our own trumpet but celebrating the care sector and the fabulous work carried out by people in an widely undervalued profession.

Congratulations to all our winners, runners up, nominees and thank you to everyone of our team who goes the extra mile, makes someone happy and and has tackled this year with bravery and enthusiasm.  You are GREAT.

If you would like to know more about our care at home services click here

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