Out of This World!

SIL’s Charity of the Year, Echo, had some messy helpers on Saturday the 27th May when a team of fun runners from SIL joined around 70 other runners to take part in this year’s Colour Fest – an “Out of This World” experience.

Karen Hunt, Bee Phillips and Millie Davies couldn’t wait to get sign in at Grange Court, Leominster, collect their sunglasses, alien antennae and of course, purchase the obligatory kaleidoscope of paint.

Wearing white tops (which didn’t stay white for long), the team members had great fun throwing the bright powders over each other before joining the pre-run warm up – stretching and dancing to music designed to get the runners pumped for action.

The Mayor of Leominster alongside Ziggy the Alien, gave a speech and then it was time for the countdown to the 11am start. With music still blaring, the crowds gathered around the course to cheer on the teams and throw more paint powder onto the runners.

The course took the runners through the town where water stations had been planned – there was even one providing fresh fruit!

With the race completed, certificates were handed out and the team found themselves alongside Martina Pritchard, Katie Loughran, Hayley Secker and Charlie Clynes – other SIL employees, also doing their bit for Echo.

As Bee Phillips said after, “It was a lovely day with beautiful weather and we felt brilliant after completing it”.

The team raised a total of £166.25 for ECHO.

So, a huge well done to all our runners, you did SIL proud and made a wonderful contribution to our Charity of the Year.

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