Schooling and Social Care

NEWS RELEASE  Number: 55/20 

11th June 2020                  


Since schools reopened their doors to some children on the 8th June there have been concerns around the safety of individuals to whom care is being delivered by support and care workers.

Services for Independent Living (SIL), the local care provider based in Leominster, would like to reassure all our service users and their families that we support all our key worker employees with dependents who have chosen to send their children to nurseries/schools.

Chief Executive, Euan McPherson said: “Sending their children to school enables our key workers to continue supporting service users.  We have a variety of measures in place to ensure the safety of both employees and service users including detailed risk assessments, provision of PPE where required (including aprons, gloves and masks), additional training and regular communication briefings.  Employees are also aware of the requirement to refrain from work and self-isolate if they, or any of their household, experience any COVID-19 symptoms, or they have been contacted by the NHS Test and Trace service.”

Many of SIL’s key workers have been sending their children to school throughout the lockdown and we would like to state that this has had no impact on the welfare of either our staff or our service users.

If you would like to discuss the above or have any concerns, we welcome your feedback. Please call the senior management team on 07946 720497, or email:


Notes to editors:  Euan McPherson can be contacted for further comment. Direct line: 07432 019404

Since 23 March, in line with the scientific advice, nurseries, schools and colleges have remained open to a priority group of children and young people, children of critical workers and vulnerable children. We have been clear that we would review this arrangement in line with scientific advice. We are now past the peak of the virus and the Prime Minister has set out a recovery strategy, while also ensuring that safety remains our absolute priority. This means it is time to begin the phased return of children and young people to nurseries, schools and colleges in a way that is measured, reduces risks and is guided by science.

 To prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), schools and other settings will use a range of protective measures to create safer environments in which the risk of spreading the virus is substantially reduced. Whilst such changes are likely to look different in each setting, as they will depend upon individual circumstances, they are all designed to minimise risks to children, staff and their families.

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