Victim Support – Coronavirus: scammers and fraudsters

In neighbourhoods up and down the country people are pulling together and demonstrating a real sense of community, and that’s something we should all be incredibly proud of.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus has also seen a rise in the exploitation of vulnerable people, and on the unease, uncertainty and anxiety that many of us are understandably feeling at this time.

These ‘Bad Samaritans’ con people into thinking they are helping them, or take advantage of people’s good nature and their desire to help others.

Many of these scams are not new, but we may be more likely to fall victim to them given these uncertain times. With more time spent at home, scammers and fraudsters also have more chance to contact us – either on our doorstep, by phone, or online.

Victim Support have listed some tips to help prevent you becoming a victim of crime and tips to protect you and those you may be helping.

Victim Support – Advice for Groups – Scammers and Fraudsters

Victim Support – Advice for Individuals – Scammers and Fraudsters

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