SIL Yearbook 2021

Our yearbook is published each year to bring to focus the amazing impact we have, to remind us whey what we do is so important and to celebrate the achievements of our team, service users and their families.

2021 didn’t turn out to be the much improved year we all hoped for with new tighter restrictions being enforced as the new year began; Covid-19 continued to have an impact with many restrictions lasting well into the year and continuing to put us all at risk of serious illness.

But, yet again we have shown that even a global pandemic won’t stop us doing what we do best and we will take you on a round-up of all our events, trips, activities and best moments of the past year with PRIDE.

Look out for awards, personal triumphs, successes and joyfulness.

Click on the image to our view Yearbook

Please email us for a paper copy at or call 01568 616653.

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