Stephanie Smalley


I have a Diploma in Counselling which has been invaluable in order to help and manage conflict and help people to regain their self-worth and confidence.

Additionally I now have a disability myself and this has enabled me to really look at the world differently. I now have a greater understanding of the every day difficulties involved in the simple actions of getting up, dressed and getting from A to B safely.

I managed to get my chosen gym facility to change their access to their buildings because I took my life in my hands each time I used it.

I do not accept inequality and I do my utmost to erase it from my environment and I am happy for anyone to point out when I have failed to do this.

I am very aware of people’s need to remain independent and though people want to help me I continue to do as much as I can myself so I have knowledge about how that feels and hope that this can be a useful experience to use as a trustee.

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