August – Olympic Inspiration

Olympic Inspiration

With Great Britain currently (as of 2nd August) 6th in the medal table and having won a fantastic 33 medals are you inspired to get sporty?  Do you suddenly feel like taking up Taekwondo or high diving, or even being part of a mixed relay team?  It seemed in the early days of the 2020 (but actually 2021) Olympics that if your name was Tom you were guaranteed a medal! If you like to keep up to date with all the medal winners you can find them all here:  It’s great to now see so many more medals being won in a huge variety of sports and the mixed sports helping to raise the profile and equality of women in sport.

Even if you aren’t up to Olympic standard, any kind of sport or activity is great for your physical wellbeing and whilst being enjoyed at a lower level it is great for your mental health.  Sadly, we’re seeing an increasing number of elite sports men and women that are suffering with mental ill health as a result of the pressure and responsibility of competing at that level.  That aside; starting a new sport, picking up an old sporting hobby, dusty tennis racket or long forgotten googles; or trying something out for the first time will no doubt be good fun and help to release those feel good endorphins whilst giving your heart a kickstart too.


As the Olympics closes later this week we don’t have to wait long for our next sporting fix!  The Paralympics kicks off on the 24th August with events in 22 different sporting activities.  The Paralympic Movement offers sport opportunities for athletes with physical, vision and/or intellectual impairments that have at least one of the following 10 eligible impairments: Impaired muscle power, Impaired passive range of movement, Limb deficiency, Leg length difference, Short stature, Muscle tension, Uncoordinated movement, Involuntary movements, Vision impairment, Intellectual Impairment.

During all of the events you’ll see amazing athletes who show that disability isn’t about what you can’t do but what you can do.  Our strength-based and person centred ethos supports this idea by focusing on what you can do and what you want to do.  Throughout the Paralympics you also see innovative modifications that make the sports accessible and awe inspiring.  Our service users show us everyday that so many activities are adaptable to all kinds of ability and they don’t let anything hold them back.


Meanwhile, we are now into the second full week of the school summer break and summer holiday season is in full swing.  Has your step count risen accordingly with day trips, touring the visitor attractions and keeping the kids entertained.  If any of these is true for you we’ll be glad to hear about your miles for our 25k totaliser….

Send in your July miles

It’s time to let us know how many miles you did it July as we flip over the calendar into August.  Please send us an email with your count for July to the usual address  We would love to see your photos too of places you’ve visited, recommendations for walking, running or cycling routes and see what you’ve been up to.  Remember it doesn’t have to be miles travelled; you could be using a static machine, doing aerobics or gardening.  As long as it gets you moving or out in the fresh air it all counts.


As part of our challenge we are raising money for our charity of the year Megan Baker House,  if you would let to help us support Megan Baker House please donate here

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