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SIL Yearbook

The SIL Yearbook is a yearly round up of all the activities and achievements from SIL.  The yearbook features our staff, service users, trustees and friends.

Produced annually we create this publication as a celebration of everything fabulous about SIL.  We would like to thank our service users, staff, trustees and friends. Thanks for allowing us to share all your achievements, successes and for all the compliments.

We are passionate about providing excellent care. Our mission is to enable people affected by disabilities to exercise choice and control.  To help them to live independent lives, and to actively participate in society.

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SIL Yearbook 2020

Normally, we would take you through a round-up of all our events, trips, activities and best moments of the past year. We would celebrate the achievements of individuals, teams and the whole of Services for Independent Living, our service users and friends, but… This has been anything but a normal year! 2020; the year when […]

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SIL Yearbook 2017-18

Take a look at our Yearbook to see all the value adding and exciting things we got up to last year… sil year book 2017-18online

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