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Mental Health and Debt 2021 – Money Saving Expert

The MoneySavingExperts Martin Lewis, Jenny Keefe & Marianne Curphey have written a guide with help, info, guidance and support for individuals and carers.

The Big Message throughout this guide is “NO DEBT IS UNSOLVABLE”

The Guide to Mental Health and Debt 2020

Mental Health problems can cause severe debt and severe debt can cause Mental Health problems.

Martin Lewis, Jenny Keefe and Marianne Curphey have written a guide full of help, info, guidance and support for individuals and carers. It is very easy to read and has clear practical steps to follow to get you back on track.

No debt problem is unsolvable. Dealing with your debt may sound like a nightmare but once you start it is much easier and less stressful than leaving them to fester.

You can view and download the guide for free on the link below.

Mental Health

Facebook groups to join – search:

‘Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas’

‘Dads Matter’ also web page

Hereford group – ‘Mums Local’

NHS – Every Mind Matters page also has some great information , try out the mind plan quiz  and get top tips and advice for you.

If you do have any free time why not look into some further education to busy your mind and stimulate your brain:

Loneliness during lock down – 

Many of us are experiencing loneliness during the current Pandemic. We are all trying to stay safe but at the same time  missing our friends and families massively. It is not just you that feels this way and it is good to offers support to others that may be feeling this way. Click on the Mental Health Foundation website link below to find out ways Loneliness can affect your Mental Health, how to prevent it and what you can do for others that may be suffering from Loneliness.

Parenting During Covid-19

Home schooling has become a constant for many of you and has been very demanding. These extraordinary circumstances may have had an effect on your child’s Mental Wellbeing. There is information and support available to you on the Herefordshire WISH Website. Click on link below:

The government has announced that all schools will be returning in September. Education is a fundamental  part of a childs development .

Keep an eye out updates on your child’s school on the following link :


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