Picnic in the Park

This #carersweek2022 (6th to 12th June) has the theme of “Visible, valued and supported”

At SIL we believe that the importance and value of family, unpaid and paid carers should be recognised in all areas of life. Caring should be valued and respected by everyone in our society and this week we are launching Picnic in the Park…

This July we are inviting all carers and those who are cared for and supported to join us for an informal picnic as we attempt to raise awareness of this very important theme. We hope, if you are passionate about care, that you will join us as we try to set a world record – Largest Carers and Cared for Heart. Fingers crossed for the weather!

For more details please contact Paula Palmer on the email in the image or call 0168 616653. As SIL staff are hybrid workers (office and home based) the receptionist will forward your details on for a callback if they are unable to answer your question.

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