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Legislation about Direct Payments and employing your own Personal Assistants changes regularly. When you sign up to SIL’s monthly Direct Payment support contract, you can gain access to our large range of online guides and factsheets that have been developed to help guide you through many of the issues you may face as an employer. These online guides are continually refreshed to reflect current legislation.
We will offer you coaching and support to develop your skills and confidence in relation to employing your own staff and managing your Direct Payment.
The service provides all new employers with a ‘Guide to Employing your PA’ which will be given to you in hardcopy or disc depending on your needs. We can send it via email or in large print. Talk to your advisor about alternative formats.

We have available the following fact sheets:

1. Being a good employer
2. What is a Personal Assistant?
3. How do I deal with paying my Personal Assistant?
4. How do I get references?
5. How do I recruit a Personal Assistant?
6. How do I shortlist?
7. How do I write a job description?
8. How do people apply for my job?
9. What about interviews?
10. What checks can I do?
11. What happens if my PA becomes ill?
12. What happens if my PA goes on holiday?
13. How should I discipline my Personal Assistant?
14. What happens if my PA leaves?
15. What if I have 5 or more PAs?
16. What if my Personal Assistant has a grievance?
17. What happens in the case of a dismissal?
18. What health and safety do I need to consider?
19. What is an asylum and immigration check?
20. What should be in the contract of employment?
21. What should I put in the job advert?
22. Sample Job Description
23. Employment – Who should you employ?
24. Interviewing Tips
25. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Guidance
26. Useful Phone Numbers
27. Personal Assistant Induction
28. Template Health and Safety Risk Assessment
29. Template of a Right to Work Check
30. Contract for Employment
31. Disciplinary & Grievance Procedure
32. Sample Contract of Employment
33. Advertising Your Job

If you would like any of the above factsheets please e-mail us on

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