Shirley Mackay


I joined the SIL team as a Trustee in Dec 2018. I have been inspired by the professionalism and dedication of every staff-member and manager I have met to date.  I know SIL will offer me a great deal and I hope to return this and support their activities by bringing some of my experience of working in the charity and public services sectors.

As Company Secretary for Amnesty International I learned a great deal about diversity and managing an international organisation. As a business transformation officer working at Herefordshire Council I learned about managing local activities and of operating in a continually changing environment.

My mum (who would have won first prize for independence!) lived with dementia for the last decade of her life and was supported by teams from SIL.  I thank the friend who recommended SIL as an organisation which might just be different and creative enough to be permitted by my exceptional mother, to support her!  They did and it is this distinction that attracted me to the SIL Trustee role. I hope very much to make a worthwhile contribution.

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